Manage a difficult financial period without going into debt.

A collateral loan is a short-term loan without the danger of incurring debt. You leave something of value with us as security and receive the current value of that item paid out immediately and discretely in cash.

The term of the credit that we grant you is three months. At the very latest after four months you should either extend the term of the loan or repay it and take back the item(s) that you left with us as security.

Property left with us as security must be auctioned off after four months, according to German law. If the item is sold at auction for more than the amount of the loan, you are entitled to the difference, less all additional interest, fees and charges. In the event such an amount is left payable to you, it must be picked up at the pawn brokerage location where the transaction first took place, within two years, of course upon presentation of the original Pawn Certificate.