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At each of its five pawnbroking branches in Hamburg, Pfandkredit Johannsen offers you the full services of a jeweller: in addition to jewellery, watches and high quality accessories, we also offer repairs, alterations and servicing through our qualified watchmakers and goldsmiths.

Dropping by at our pawnbroking in Hamburg is always worthwhile, as the products on offer for sale change from day to day. You can purchase former collateral from us which we buy at auction especially for our jewellery shop at particularly favourable prices. Pfandkredit Johannsen also stocks high-quality jewellery and watches from special lines as well as standard goods from the latest collections.

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We buy and sell gold, jewellery, branded watches and luxury bags.

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Are you looking for a particular piece of jewellery or a certain kind of watch?

Don’t hesitate to let us know – we may be able to assist you more quickly thank you expect.

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BuyingWe buy jewellery at top prices

Would you like to sell your gold coins, your jewellery or your watch?

Have you inherited jewellery that has been left unworn in a drawer for years? Have you gone off your luxury wristwatch? Do you find that your expensive handbag no longer goes with your style?

We buy your gold, your diamond or gemstone jewellery, your valuable branded watch and high-quality handbags from luxury brands at top prices. Quick, discreet and fair.

Allow our experts to make you an offer free of charge and without any strings at one of our five pawnshops and feel free to compare it with those of our competitors.