Short-team loans from

10-100,000 Euros

Our experiente for your maximum loan

Do you want to secure the maximum amount of cash in return for your jewellery, gold, diamonds, watch or Apple products? At each of our Hamburg branches, experienced jewellers, diamond appraisers and watchmakers precisely assess the value of your collateral. In addition to the material value, the current market value of a piece of jewellery also counts, which we pay out at 100%.

Your loan is approved on the spot and paid out immediately in either cash or by bank transfer. The item that you pledge as collateral remains your property for the term of the loan.

We issue

loans in return for gold jewellery, branded watches, products from Apple, luxury bags and high-value cars


Only available at our Hütten 64 branch:

We issue loans against high-value vehicles, sports cars, old cars and new cars.

How your loan works

In addition to an item in return for which we can issue you with a loan, you also require the following: a valid identity card or passport and a minimum age of at least 18 years.

We do not require any proof of creditworthiness or earnings, and your data remains confidential. Your collateral is the sole security for your loan.

The pawn certificate you receive is your proof of ownership. Keep it in a safe place.

The term of your loan

Until the end of the 4th month after your loan has been issued, you or an authorised person can redeem your collateral at any time by presenting your pawn certificate and repaying the loan in addition to the accrued interest and fees at your pawnshop in Hamburg. You can also extend your loan in return for the payment of interest and fees, however, either in person at your branch of Pfandkredit Johannsen, or by bank transfer. If you wish to extend your loan by bank transfer, please call your branch first. They will tell you everything you need to do.

If you neither extend your loan nor redeem your collateral on time, we will be obliged to auction your collateral publicly and sell it to the highest bidder.

Your collateralis safe in our hands

Throughout the term of the loan, your collateral is in our hands but remains your property, and is kept carefully, safely, and in a cool and dry place either in our vaults or our secure storage facilities. The security facilities at our pawnshops in Hamburg comply with the latest requirements and the relevant regulations.

Until you redeem your deposit or until it is sold at auction, it is fully insured against damage due to fire and water as well as burglary and robbery.

Please check your collateral upon collection. Making a complaint after the collateral has been returned to you is only possible as long as you are still on our business premises.

Have you lost your pawn certificate?
Then please notify us immediately so that your collateral is issued with a blocking notice.