Loans against cars

Fast money for fast cars

It usually takes about half an hour to process your loan. In individual cases, however, we may seek the advice of our partner, David Finest Sports Cars, to determine the value of your car.

Together we will inspect your vehicle, assess its value, and draw up a report with you which documents the condition and value of the vehicle which is left as collateral for both parties. We will then issue the loan in return for your car in cash straight away. We will store your vehicle on a professional, secure and discreet basis

We issue loans

against high-value vehicles

sports cars

old cars

new cars

Fast and discreet loans

Loans against cars

only available at our Hütten 64 branch!

What things need to be taken into account?

In addition to your official identification, please bring your vehicle registration certificates 1 and 2, all sets of keys and any other documents pertaining to your vehicle.

If you are not registered as the owner of the vehicle, we require the appropriate proof of ownership, such as the original purchase contract. If a company owns the vehicle, you will need proof of your power of proxy, such as the extract from the commercial register. If you are unsure, please call us in advance to clarify which documents are required.

Would you like to sell your high-value vehicle, but you need money immediately?

We will grant you a loan if you sell your motor vehicle through one of our business partners!

Our business partners for luxury cars and sportscars:

David Finest Sports Cars, Hamburg
Fiegenschuh vehicles forum, Dortmund