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Pfandkredit Johannsen Now in its 3rd generation

Pfandkredit Johannsen is a family business which has been rooted in Hamburg for more than four generations. Since its foundation, its expertise in jewellery, watches and other valuables and their valuation has been passed from one generation to the next. A distinctive performance and service orientation, as well as an increasing number of satisfied customers, means that Pfandkredit Johannsen GmbH now has 4 branches of its pawnbroking business in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.






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We currently employ 35 well-trained diamond appraisers, gemstone experts, watchmakers, goldsmiths and other professionals who receive regular training for quality assurance.

After all, only the best personnel are able to recognise valuable products which culminate in the granting of a maximum loan and attractive sales offers.

We offer loans in return for gold, jewellery, diamonds and watches. We also issue loans in return for Apple products as well as high-quality leather goods from luxury manufacturers such as Louis Vuitton or Hermès at all our branches.

NEW: Available at our Hütten branch only: we now issue loans in return for high-value vehicles, sports cars, old and new cars.

Joinour team

We are always looking for goldsmiths, watchmakers or retail salespeople with jewellery experience to strengthen our team.

Have you completed a commercial apprenticeship, and are you interested in gold, jewellery or watches? We also welcome applications from newcomers, whom we train to become pawnbrokers.

Are you looking for an apprenticeship? Train to become a qualified Clerk for Office Communications at our company.

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