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Those who need a quick, straightforward loan often have a hard time at banks, as financial institutions are very cautious in granting loans and may require several days to make a decision. For prospective customers who don’t have the time or can’t get a bank loan, the pawnbroker is a good alternative.






Creditohne Bonitätsprüfung

At a pawnbroker, the creditworthiness of the customer doesn’t play a role in the granting of a loan, as it isn’t based on information from credit agencies like Schufa or other credit checks, but is linked exclusively to the respective object of value which serves as the collateral. Pawnbrokers issue loans without being banks, as they simply conclude a pledge agreement.

For the customers at a pawnbroker, this offers the advantage that they are not required to disclose their finances, and only have to deposit valuable goods as collateral. However, anyone who is granted a loan from a pawnbroker must always bear in mind that the pawnbroker has the right to sell the item in question at an auction if it is not redeemed within the agreed term.

Pawnbroking shopsare good places to go:

for all of those who need a loan quickly and without a credit check. Due to the demand for their services, pawnbrokers can be found in almost every major town and city in Germany. Hamburg, for example, isn’t just home to one pawnbroker, but several. If you are looking for a pawnbroker in Hamburg, you can turn to several places to secure a loan.

In addition to those seeking a loan, bargain hunters also get a good deal: after all, every pawnbroker in Hamburg holds regular auctions, providing further proof that the Hanseatic city is something of a paradise for bargain-hunters.

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