Pawn Brokerage Johannsen – Hamburg’s Leading Pawn Brokerage.

Obtaining credit quickly and unbureaucratically can often be difficult, especially with banks, who grant credit only very cautiously and only after many days of consideration.  A pawn brokerage is an excellent alternative for anyone that cannot wait or cannot obtain bank credit. Creditworthiness is not a consideration for a collateralized loan with us and we do not perform any sort of credit check, rather the value of the object being used as security alone determines the amount that can be loaned. The pawn brokerage has something of value in its safekeeping and thus the process is expedited. For customers there is no requirement for lengthy documentation, required by most banks. Anyone obtaining a loan from a pawn brokerage must, however, keep in mind that the brokerage has the right to keep and eventually auction off the object that has been left as collateral, if the loan is not repaid within the time period agreed upon.

Pawn brokerages, the best address for uncomplicated transactions.

For everyone looking for uncomplicated credit, pawn brokerages are a respectful and viable option, as evidenced by their growing number here in Germany. In Hamburg for example, there are many. Clients have a wide selection, all of them offering regularly reoccurring auctions, in addition to their credit services. The opportunity to find bargains at such auctions is frequent but remains a little-known insider tip here in our wonderful city!